Sons of Douk-Douk closing knives

"Sons of Douk-Douk®": The new brand of Cognet Cutlery.

Sons of Douk-Douk® knives proudly bear the name of their famous elders from whom they are inspired. The Sons of Douk-Douk® range adopts the format and folded sheet metal handle of the legendary Douk-Douk®.

Resolutely modern, this series is enriched with 3 themes as colourful as they are original and as robust as ever.

The Sons of Douk-Douk® are made entirely of stainless steel.
As economical as they are sturdy, the Sons of Douk-Douk® are made of stainless steel from handle to blade, as well as the spring and rivets, for resistance to all tests.
N690Co stainless steel, from the world-renowned Austrian manufacturer Böhler, ensures the blades of the Sons of Douk-Douk® have a remarkable cutting edge, high cutting resistance and outstanding performance, which is recognised by its adoption for the manufacture of tactical and field knives for the French Army.

Indelible and unalterable decorations for the Sons of Douk-Douk®.
The handles of Sons of Douk-Douk® knives are available in 3 themes: Moorish drawing, antique map and Japanese art.The painting, carried out using the state-of-the-art sublimation technique, guarantees high definition, bright colours and an indelible and unalterable character to the decorations.

Blade types directly associated with the handle theme.
Blades with remarkable sharpness combine with the handle theme in a beautiful harmony: Yatagan for the Moorish theme, Marine for Antique Card and Higonokami for Japanese art.

Sons of Douk-Douk® knives are as efficient as they are economical, and are made entirely of stainless steel to adapt to all situations and conditions. There is no doubt that the Sons of Douk-Douk® are the children of Douk-Douk.

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