The Thiers® Blue Tinted Fiberglass Handle.

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Le Thiers® knife by P. Cognet - Tinted Fiberglass handle.
The handle of this Le Thiers© knife is made of blue tinted Fiberglass plates where the light reflects shimmering reflections.Fiberglass is one of the very first composite materials whose first patent was filed in... 1836 by Mr. Ignace Dubus-Bonnel, a merchant in Lille.This material of exceptional strength and longevity is used in a multitude of applications, from construction to electronics and now cutlery.

Sandvik 14C28 stainless steel blade for easy maintenance.
The blade of this knife is made of a high quality stainless steel, 14C28N, from the famous Swedish manufacturer Sandvik.The quality of this steel has resulted in a blade that is not susceptible to rust and oxidation while offering an exceptional and durable edge.The blade is slightly hollowed out for easy sharpening.

White spacers and stainless steel nails.
Made entirely by hand in our Thiers workshop, this knife is assembled with stainless steel nails and white spacers between the plates and the handle to soften the contact between the materials and give a little extra chic touch to the design.

This sturdy and authentic knife requires very simple but minimal maintenance. Like most traditional knives, it is not recommended to put it in the dishwasher and a simple wipe down may suffice.

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